Hanna Emilia Ruuska


Successful Life On Your Terms

Successful Routines

Looking For Success? 
Lacking Constantly Money Or Time? 

Instead Of Trying To Be Successful  -Learn To Live Successfully In All Areas Of Your Life. 


Happiness In Life

Want To Wake Up Inspired?
Do You Struggle with Relationships?

Become Your Own Best Friend First And Allow Yourself To Reach New Opportunities. 

Make The Change

You’ve Tried To Change, But You Failed? 
You’ve Many Options But Can’t Decide?

Change Is Done With Pleasure,
Not With Pressure.
Everyone Can Change Their Life.


Hello, I’m Hanna!

Business Owner, Cooperation Specialist, Mentor

I’m Hanna, Single-Entrepreneur, Enthusiastic About The Power Of Every Individual. 

Before getting here where I’m today, I have been through different challenges all the way from feeling trapped in my job, and from there to starting my own business struggling to survive but after all getting to create successful business, that keeps on growing. 

During these challenges I discovered that what I truly was looking for was not  just the goal itself, but the great life I can experience every day, until I’m able to reach my next objective – without struggle.

Balance Yourself

Be The Leader Of Your Own Life

Stop Floating With The Circumstances 

It doesn’t matter whether you have a business or not; to lead successfully you need to become: The Boss of your life.

Balance Yourself

Leading successfully is never about just one thing, but it’s always about the balance of the all. If you feel unbalanced or trapped in your current life situation regarding your career or business – my programs help you to find what is needed for your success.

Find Your Power

Balance is created by strengthening those sides and abilities within you, which you don’t use so much in everyday life. Very fast you will notice how you already have everything you need for your success; no need to study, to get more money etc. What you need is to activate all your abilities, the so called “hidden personal powers”.


Mentoring Programs

Group mentoring 

This Program is An Online Audio Workbook That Gives You Every Week A New Guidance, And Explains You How You Really Implement This In Your Life. 
Just About 60 Minutes Of Weekly Audio Will Take You To Your Goals.

Individual Mentoring

The Individual Mentoring Will Take You From Your Current Struggle To A Life What Is Based On Your Terms And Wellbeing Within 90 Days. Only Limited Amount Of Spots Per Year For Individual Mentoring. 

Out Of Struggle Into Success

In 3 Months

All Online

Without Having To Schedule

My Mentoring Programs Are All Online Services, Which You Can Attend From Where Ever You Are. 

Real Support

Tools No School Can Give You

What You Learn With Me Is Not One More Theory. I Give You Tools You Need In Real Life To Get Successful On Your Terms. 

For Busy People

Even If You Have A Full Schedule

Material Is Designed For People Who Want To Learn And Get Inspired While Doing Other Things (Sport, Cooking etc). 

Love Your Everyday

No Stress About Next Monday 

Get Out Of Your Own Limitations And Create Yourself A Great Life.


Test Audio Workbook For Free

Risk Free: Trial Ends Automatically, No Obligation To Buy, No Need To Cancel.

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